Steve Dreyer

Steve Dreyer

Creative Director

Steve Dreyer

As a kid, Steve was the one drawing superheroes and Star Wars characters on the back of his homework. Now, he uses that creative energy in the business world, helping our clients bring their ideas to life through multimedia design.

Because he thought his passion for design could only ever be a hobby, he majored in Marine Biology in college. When he discovered that one can in fact “earn a living drawing for people,” he dove headfirst into graphic design – and has been hooked ever since.

Steve’s work as Creative Director for our clients ranges from logo and custom website design, to print and digital advertising. “I help bring our clients’ brands to life, translating sometimes abstract ideas or concepts into images that help them get their message across in the most effective way possible,” he says.

A Washington, DC native, Steve’s extensive background includes design work at both large corporate in-house agencies for Fortune 50 clients and smaller boutique design firms. And while the design world has gone largely digital, he has found outlets to keep working with his hands in DIY projects, art and model building.

“I love getting to work with our clients to bring exciting and innovative products and services to the marketplace – and the wide variety of projects that entails.”

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