Larry Stromberg
  • Ideal vacation spot? Any destination with water and trails
  • Left on his bucket list? Beach house with tons of grandkids, taking a cross country trip, Italy and Australia 
  • If he could be any animal? A wolf, for their loyalty – or an eagle, as they are honest, truthful and have the courage to look ahead.


Larry Stromberg

President & CEO

Larry Stromberg

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

It’s no surprise this quote from Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson is a favorite of Larry Stromberg, President of Threshold Media. He built and grew his business by doing, falling, learning and doing better the next time.

Larry started Threshold Technologies (now Threshold Media) in 1995, after realizing that small businesses needed personalized care that larger corporations could not provide. “We recognized that many companies couldn’t afford to hire full-time employees, much less a team of full-time resources,” he says. “We provide an outsourced team of digital marketing experts to put businesses on the digital roadmap. My favorite reaction of our clients is, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you did that!”

With over 25 years in IT and digital marketing, Larry’s work has ranged from application programming to infrastructure management, supporting the telecommunications, government, intelligence, transportation and small business sectors. He’s taken the good and bad from how large organizations operate and applied lessons learned to his own company.

“Having worked with companies with over 100,000 team members, it’s a nice contrast to have closer relationships with the people who turn to us for support,” he says. “Regardless of where we live or work, remotely or in an office, 3 am or 10 pm, we are committed to our team and our clients. There is a sense of trust, openness and willingness to work as a team, without a hierarchy, and the ability to ‘roll up our sleeves’ to get the job done.”

An admitted workaholic, Larry also loves spending time with his family and friends, watching sports with his two sons, hiking, biking and eating great food.

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