Julie Pinches
  • Ideal vacation spot? Somewhere adventurous with amazing food
  • If she could have any superpower? Super strength!
  • On her bucket list: Travel, travel, and more travel

Julie Pinches

Director of Web Services

Julie Pinches

At the core of any successful digital marketing effort sits a solid website – one that is both informative and easy to use, while also designed to generate leads. As Threshold Media’s Director of Web Services, Julie makes sure our clients’ websites run smoothly, provide an exceptional user experience, and powerfully support their business goals.

Julie brings to Threshold Media a wealth of experience in network engineering in the telecom space, having overseen client technical support, data migrations, and engineering teams. When you layer in her background in information technology (IT) and website development, she’s basically one of the smartest people we know!   

“What I love about my work at Threshold Media is that it gives me the opportunity to be creative and collaborative,” she says. “Our boutique agency structure allows me to dive into all sides of the digital marketing business.”

Julie is a bit of a globetrotter, which is no surprise given that she speaks three languages – German, Farsi and English (her third language!) When she’s not working – or traveling – she’s spending time with her family, hiking, reading or taking in new foodie experiences.

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