Brenda Stromberg
  • If she could have any superpower? The ability to fly, so she can get a birds eye view of everything happening in this world.
  • Favorite quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

Brenda Stromberg

Account Director

Brenda Stromberg

She’s a field general, playmaker, and the one who marches the Threshold Media team downfield toward its goals. Like a talented quarterback, Brenda is an expert at time management and oversees all the details needed to make game time decisions.

Planning events for the 30,000+ attendees of the annual National Automobile Dealers Association was the perfect training ground for Brenda to hone her organizational skills – and figure out how to “get stuff done” – in a high pressure environment. Those abilities come in handy in her role at Threshold Media, where she handles all the moving parts that go into executing the short-term projects and long-term campaigns of our large and diverse client base.

Quarterbacking the company means she’s also assigning the right teams of Threshold Media talent to specific client work, ensuring projects run on time and into the end zone. “I love the fast pace, the people and our amazing clients,” she says. “Being part of a growing business, there is a great sense of community among other small business owners.”

An avid cook, Brenda loves experimenting in the kitchen and collects culinary gadgets like some women collect shoes. When she’s not huddling with her team at Threshold Media, she enjoys family dinners, watching her two boys play sports, and traveling. The beach is her oasis – “Seeing palm trees brings immediate happiness.” A trip to Bora Bora and owning a beach house in retirement are on her bucket list.  

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