Barb Forgach
  • Three things left on her bucket list: Visiting Australia, Israel, Maldives
  • Ideal vacation spot: A good beach, with tacos
  • When she’s not working, she is… Finding an adventure

Barb Forgach

Senior Director of Branding

Barb Forgach

Barb brings her decades of marketing experience in the entertainment industry to take our clients’ branding to the next level.

Discovering how to make a company shine is Barb’s superpower. “I help businesses engage confidently with their customers to get results,” says Barb, who has always had a passion for the world of marketing and entertainment. She works with clients to enhance their messaging to reflect the high-quality products and services they provide, leveraging that into leads and sales.

Barb is experienced in marketing and schooled in it, holding an MBA in Marketing and Media Communications from Fordham University and a B.A. in Advertising from the University of Florida. After years of working for big companies in music, publishing and film, Barb appreciates the collaborative nature of working for a digital marketing agency like Threshold Media. “The team is dedicated to supporting each other and our clients’ digital marketing,” she says. “Everyone goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.”

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