Andrew Fau
  • If he could be one animal? A platypus – the hot dog of the animal world!
  • Favorite quote: “You know you know me.” – Jerry Seinfeld (From “Seinfeld,” Episode: The Note)
  • If he could have one superpower? Invisibility


Andrew Fau

Multimedia Designer

Andrew Fau

In his role as Multimedia Designer, Andrew uses creative media to help our clients build trust and recognition. From concept to completion, he ensures that all elements of a design  accurately reflect the brand and the intended message.

Andrew received his education in visual media from AIPH. While his professional focus centers on multimedia design, he also has an educational background in practical special effects (FX). This includes the hands-on, concrete techniques used in filmmaking and photography, including props, substances or mechanical objects. 

What he loves most about Threshold Media? “The diversity of clients as well as my colleagues.”

When he’s not working, he enjoys all things DIY, from home renovations to special fx projects. In fact, his bucket list includes completing the renovation of his home and building a discrete surround sound home theater. (It should be noted that his bucket list also includes achieving “Renaissance Man” status!) 

Fun fact: An avid horror movie fan, he’s also been to most of the abandoned asylums and prisons on the east coast, to urban explore and take photographs.

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