Adele Tongish
  • When she’s not working, she is often… Hanging out with my kids, going to the theater, and eating yummy things 
  • If she could be an animal? Maybe the elephant in the room? Or a fly on the wall? A fish out of water? A bull in a china shop? I just love an idiom!
  • Ideal vacation spot: On any beach with a book and a glass of rosé
  • Fun fact: I’m a fantastic whistler! 

Adele Tongish


Adele Tongish

Adele began her career at the last-standing-actually-on-Madison-Avenue advertising agency, Young and Rubicam. There, she pitched new business and worked with brands like Fisher-Price, AT&T and Sony. 

From there, she co-founded, ran and sold a speed dating company where, among other things, she managed all aspects of marketing the business. And naturally, writing was the piece she loved the most.

In her role as copywriter for Threshold Media, Adele helps our clients distill and clarify their message so they can better communicate what they have to offer.

As any great copywriter understands, research is as important to the copywriting process as having a way with words. “I learn something new every day,” she says. “I love researching and writing about all the different Threshold Media client industries.”

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