Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social media is here to stay. We’ve all known that for a while. Maybe you never had the chance to dive into the social media world for your business, or maybe you jumped on the bandwagon initially, but have struggled to maintain it. Even if you haven’t optimized your social media presence, we’re here to reassure you that there is still time! And trust us, the benefits that come with the effort to bring your social media game to the next level will be well worth it.

But where to even begin? Social media can drive growth, earn consumer trust, and give your business “street cred.” But it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the social media map (we like to think of it as being similar to the street layout of Boston. Unorganized and all over the place.) However, there are many – and simple – ways to improve your social presence.

We broke down some of the most common and effective ways to boost your social media presence.

Identify Your Goals

Are you using social as a way to drive sales? Engage with consumers? Just to say you have it? Knowing your goals for social media BEFORE you start posting is vital to building your presence.

Understand What Each Platform Does

If you think that posting the same exact thing at the same time on every single social platform is sufficient – think again, my friend. Make sure you understand how each platform works, which audiences you can reach where, and what your goals and objectives are for each platform.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Human

Social media is not the place to only show pristine, perfectly curated content. Social media offers a unique opportunity to level with your consumer-base in a human-to-human space. This means interacting on your social platforms frequently, responding to posts from your audience base, engaging in conversations, asking questions, and showing them who you are.

Plan Ahead

If you want your social platforms to look and feel like they are part of your business, you cannot just “post as you go” and call it a day. Planning out social posts in a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly calendar view will help keep your pages looking fresh, professional, and intentional.

Optimize Your Social Accounts

Optimizing social media accounts is a method that utilizes keywords to drive search engine presence. Using keywords in your posts that go along with your business and brand will help your consumers find you if they are using search engines like Google.

Social media marketing has come a long way in the last few years. With it’s always changing and integrating nature and many new avenues to explore, it can leave businesses feeling left behind. Sign up for a FREE, 15-minute “brandstorming” session with Threshold Media, and we can get you started on boosting your social media presence and help you grow your business!

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