Does Your Team Understand Your Brand?

You know your brand is essential to the success of your business. You’ve put a lot of time, thought and effort into defining and designing it. But you may be missing one of the most important keys to maintaining the strength and growth of your brand.

Your employees.

While prioritizing brand ambassadors, influencers and even celebrity advocates can help boost your brand, they are not the only – or even the best – ambassadors you can find. Your own employees can be your most powerful champions if they both understand and believe in your core values and overall brand message.

But if your team doesn’t understand what you want your business to represent, how can you expect them to demonstrate that themselves? How a company’s own employees feel about the business speaks volumes to your current and potential customers. A brand strategy/story is useless if it’s not played out from top to bottom.

OK, so how do you fix that? How do you get your employees to not only work for the brand but become the brand? By maximizing the power of your built-in resources and educating your employees with the knowledge and understanding they need to effectively represent your brand. To do this, your employees need to:

  • Be taught the foundation of your brand — how it came to be, the initial vision — and where you want to take the business.
  • Understand your company’s core values and what you stand for within your industry marketplace.
  • Be trusted with the ability to explain the most critical elements of your brand identity.
  • Feel empowered to live out your brand story and promise.

Don’t assume your team knows or understands your brand and hope they’ll help it grow and thrive within it. Be sure your employees are cultivated in your company’s brand and culture to ensure their (and your) success.

Are you feeling unsure of how to get your team onboard? Send us a note – we’d love to design a custom team training or workshop for you!

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