Why Maintaining Marketing Efforts is Vital During COVID-19

Across the globe, businesses and individuals are feeling the economic burn of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Threshold Media, we’ve been in crisis communications mode with most of our clients since the virus first started making its way through the US.

In addition to needing to share with their customers up-to-the-minute operational changes, many business owners also needed to quickly change how they engage with their customers and provide their services. While sudden change can be stressful, we’d been beyond inspired by businesses who have discovered new and unique ways to do business — which will likely remain in place even after the world calms down and we all get back to “business as usual”.

While many businesses are physically closed or are seeing a decline in customer activity, consumers are using the web and social media more now than ever before – making it also more important than ever to maintain a solid digital presence. We’re working with companies to manage messaging and marketing activity to keep their brands front and center now, and when they are back to full operations. .

While it may seem logical to cut marketing budgets to balance out lost income, it’s actually a bad move for your business’ long-term success. You may be thinking that we are just saying this because we are a marketing company… and you’re right. We are seeing the increase in engagement every single day from our clients’ digital efforts. Now, when the world has slowed down a bit, is an excellent time to put new focus on your long-term marketing strategy.

5 Ways to Connect with Customers Amidst COVID-19

  • Maximize Your
    E-Commerce Site

    Most physical stores are closed, and people are spending way more time online than ever before. Online shopping is a natural outlet for many. Because of this, it is crucial to maximize your website’s ROI, with a robust and easy-to-use online store. This will help your customers enjoy their shopping experience and return again and again. Add new items that were previously only available in-store. Update graphics and media to give a fresh look to your site, ensure there are no broken links, and optimize each page’s keywords to better your chances of people finding you. See a client example of #QuarantineInnovation.

  • Boost Your Social Media Presence

    Social media engagement tools are often left unused or infrequently used by many businesses. Live video streams on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are incredible options for connecting with your customers and keeping your products and services at the forefront of their minds. The possibilities for video topics are endless: live Q&A with your customers and team, video tips & tricks, personal updates on what you and your team are doing during quarantine.We do need to add that it is especially important during this time to consider the balance in your messaging between promotion and giving. Whatever you’re promoting, it should be helpful and in the spirit of community. Times like these give us all a reason and opportunity to show our authenticity and create genuine connections with our audience. See a client example of #QuarantineInnovation.

  • Invest in Digital Advertising Tools

    We’ve all been there. Mindlessly scrolling Instagram and suddenly see an ad for a product that is perfect for you. It’s just what you needed! It’s fate! Actually, it’s good marketing. Long gone are the days when having a nice social media page or website would automatically garner you engagement and sales. Google AdWords, LinkedIn Sponsored Posts, Instagram and Facebook Ads… when targeted and optimized well, these can bring in many new and current customers. Depending on your line of business — and your competitors’ marketing strategy during this time — you may find that advertising could be less costly than usual, providing new opportunities to get your messaging out without breaking the bank. Need help finding the right tools?

  • Automation Nation

    While we always recommend businesses maintain a very personable and human persona, there are so many ways you can automate processes, giving your team more time to build your business. Marketing automation can be an incredibly cost-effective way of keeping in touch with your customers – especially right now, while many businesses are limited on face-to-face interaction. Sending out personalized, contextualized and targeted messages to consumers is an excellent way of remaining in their sights and make them feel valued. Need help automating your marketing?

  • Create Compelling and Engaging Content

    With so many people spending more time online, it’s more important than ever to maintain a digital presence. We recommend providing helpful, lighthearted and uplifting content to show your trustworthiness and support. One way to do this is by creating engaging content in line with your business offerings, such as recipes, workout guides, downloadable activity books, DIY how-to’s… the list goes on and on. Now is the time to be helpful. Show your audience that you care about them – they will remember that long after COVID-19. Consumers are watching and taking notes on who is handling this uncertain time with positivity, support, and selflessness. See a client example of #QuarantineInnovation.

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